3 ways to custom design your sapphire engagement ring

Sapphire Engagement Ring

Nothing speaks louder than the bold beauty of a sapphire gemstone ring. Due to its long lasting hardness and durability, the sapphire is a popular choice for many brides to be. Here are three ways to custom design your sapphire engagement ring to truly extenuate your individual personality and style.

1. Choose your Setting

Selecting the setting for your engagement ring is usually the first step in the custom design process. You may prefer a traditional solitaire setting that truly emphasises your sapphire centrepiece, or a diamond band to really speak boldness and vitality. Alternatively, you may choose to compliment your Sapphire with contrasting gemstones or Diamonds with a side stone or three stone cut. The possibilities are endless.

2. Choose your shape

A Sapphire stone can be custom designed to fit any desired engagement ring style. Whether you prefer the timeless beauty of a traditional round cut, or the modern femineity of a Heart shaped stone, the choices are endless. The cut and shape of your stone can play a defining role in extenuating different aspects of your sapphire stone. Consult with a jewellery expert to ensure that you finish with a piece that truly celebrates your special moment.

3. Choose your colour

Traditionally, the sapphire is a blue coloured gemstone. However, these stunning rarities can be found in a variety of colours and combinations, including an array of Pinks, Purples, Oranges, Yellows and Greens. These coloured sapphire stones are also referred to as a “fancy Sapphire.”

The most valuable of sapphire stones is the much sought after blue gemstone – the rarest blue gemstone of them all. Within each colour range you can choose from an array of hues, saturations and tones depending on your own taste. The ‘bolder’ the colour, the higher the price tag. Although Sapphires with multiple tones are considered to be less valuable, such combinations are fast becoming a highly sought after centrepiece to many brides to be. It is not uncommon to find a stunning blue sapphire stone with a touch of purple, violet or pink.

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