5 unique ways to pop the question

No matter how unconventional, pure or sweet and content your relationship may be, there’s no better time to show your unique and courageous side than the moment you decide to pop the question to your beloved. Join the creative league of lovers whipping out their diamond rings, or even the onion flavoured Burger Rings, and consider some of these imaginative bended-knee ideas!


Dancing down the aisle

There are plenty of freelance dancers who would only be too happy to choreograph you a unique piece for a small fee. Imagine your partner’s surprise, when your hired troupe struts into the shopping aisle and puts on an amazing hip-hop or tap dance sequence, setting you up for the perfect proposal.

Fairytale proposal

Work some magic with your special photos. If you have a talent for words, why not try your hand at crafting a picture story book with the climactic moment arising when you pop that question? Photobooks have never been so easy to design, order and deliver and there are online companies that have pre-built storylines that you can use.

Even better if you manage to slip that book onto a shelf in the library or bookstore, for your beloved to discover and read!

Crowd source your support crew

There are Chihuahua Meetups, jogging groups and of course flash mobs. When it’s a feel good request, most people are only too happy to help. All it takes is an email to the group organiser to see if they’re willing to jump on board.

Imagine crossing the path of group of Chihuahuas out on a brisk walk, with helium, love heart balloons streaming off their leashes. A romantic time to bring out that sparkling diamond engagement ring!

Wearing your heart on their sleeves

“Will” “you” “marry” “me” “?”. Print five t-shirts, one for each component of that magical question. Convince your friends or family to don one of the t-shirts and arrange a gathering where they walk into the venue one at a time, in sequence. Let the moment crystallise, as your partner takes it all in.

Sweet messages

Why not customise the packaging of one of your beloved’s favourite food items?  Many confectionary and ice cream makers offer you the chance to write a message on the jar or wrappers. Imagine handing your special one a jar of Nutella or tub of Ben and Jerry’s with that wonderful question printed on the label?

Go on, take on the challenge. It’s one of the most beautiful moments in life, so make it memorable. With some thought, some heart and a beautiful engagement ring from one of the best jewellers in Sydney to bestow, create a memory to treasure forever.

Whether it’s offering or crafting that unique ring for your special day, we’re here to help. Come visit us at one of our Sydney store or give one of the Arman’s Fine Jewellery’s consultants a call.