Arman’s Fine Jewellery Donates Gorgeous Diamond Necklace to Raise Funds for Brain Cancer Research

We are so passionate about finding a cure for cancer; we donated one of our most gorgeous diamond necklaces to help raise money!

The Cure for Life Foundation recently held a Passion4Life Gala Ball to help raise money for brain cancer awareness and research. In order to help out, we were able to donate one of our most prestigious diamond necklaces in Sydney, handcrafted by our own master jeweller, to help raise funds.

Our donation went to auction, and as a result, we were able to help raise $930,000 towards the awareness and research of brain cancer. At Arman’s Fine Jewellery, we have a passion for helping our local community and are proud to have been involved in the Passion4Life Gala Ball held by the Cure for Life Foundation.

What is the Cure for Life Foundation?

This foundation is formed by a collection of dedicated individuals passionate about making a difference in regards to brain cancer. Their mission, as stated on their website ( is to “drive greater investment to accelerate brain cancer research into the cause, mechanism, treatment and prevention in Australia.” With values of excellence, innovation and ethical responsibility, the Cure for Life Foundation is set on funding research for brain cancer.

Our beautiful diamond necklaces…

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