The Benefits of a Halo Engagement Ring

With the announcement of the royal engagement of Prince William to Kate Middleton, halo engagement rings came back into the spotlight in a big way and are now one of the most sought-after styles of engagement rings.

The halo setting is characterised by a large gemstone in the centre surrounded by smaller “accent” diamonds that give the central stone a halo-like effect that can accentuate and heighten the central gem’s aesthetic qualities. Indeed, this design can heighten the brilliance of the central diamond by as much as twenty points.

A wealth of customisation options

One of the most notable benefits of halo engagement rings is the number of customisation options they offer, including the styles that couples can consider, such as classic and bezel set halo engagement rings.

Blue Gemstone Ring

There are also options for the placement of the centre stone, such as prong set, in which the gem is elevated and held in place by prongs, or bezel set, in which the gem is held in place at the same level as the accent diamonds by the precious metal of the ring, usually white or yellow gold.

A Choice of Gemstones

Another benefit to halo engagement rings is that they are not, like many engagement rings, restricted to having a diamond as the central gemstone. In fact, the resurgence of interest in halo rings was brought on by the royal engagement, as the gemstone that once adorned Diana’s finger, now worn by the Duchess of Cambridge, is a sapphire.

Halo diamond ring

Compatible with Most Budgets

Because halo engagement rings need not feature a large diamond as the centre gemstone, or a large gemstone at all, they are compatible with more budgets than many other engagement ring styles. In addition to diamonds and sapphires, popular gemstones used as centrepieces in halo engagement rings here at ARMANS include amethysts, beryls, onyxes and more.

Halo engagement rings, whether with a large or small centre stone, excel at accentuating the centrepiece’s aesthetic qualities. Large centre stones are given even greater prominence with the halo accent, whilst smaller stones are made to look even more delicate and exquisite.

ARMANS will happily help you find your dream halo engagement ring with an exquisite gemstone from our extensive selection. Please browse our online catalogue for inspiration and visit us at our Sydney CBD store.