Best Engagement Ring Styles Predicted for 2018!

In a world full of dynamic styles, it’s safe to say that engagement rings are not the only ones that seem to be changing. With the rise of celebrities becoming engaged, people are noticing different styles that were never sought before! Celebrities have without a doubt started trends in the engagement ring scene.

A round diamond engagement ring has always been the number one sought-after diamond not to mention the most classic and timeless. However, in the world of Armans Jewellery, we’ve noticed that in the last years, styles are not always set in stone! Excuse the pun.

You may remember Kim Kardashian getting engaged to Kanye West with a cushion diamond. Prior to their engagement, we didn’t have a lot of clients asking for the same ring style. Yet as soon as everyone saw the news, there was a huge increase in the number of enquiries coming through for the cushion diamond engagement ring, whether in a halo or a solitaire.

A few years after, Blake Lively got engaged with another big trend setter— the oval diamond. Throughout the years he’s working as a jewellery connoisseur, Aris says that this was the biggest trend setter of all time! I have never seen a diamond being enquired about so much in my life! The oval diamond marked a great start for women who are on the journey to finding the perfect engagement ring.

Another style that is becoming incredibly popular is the pear-shaped diamond engagement ring. With Paris Hilton’s recent proposal, a lot of people have been rushing into this, whether in a solitaire or halo style.

Another diamond that should not go unnoticed is the radiant cut diamond. Not that any celebrity has yet to become engaged with this diamond as of present time. However, it has been brought to life through social media. 2018, in my opinion, will still be the oval diamond but we will have to wait and see!

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