Black sapphire rings in Sydney

If you are looking for black sapphire rings in Sydney, then look no further than Armans Fine Jewellery!

You see black sapphires are becoming increasingly popular with the lustful black shine especially with the designs and shapes we have in store.

The most popular shape of black sapphire at the moment is the cushion black sapphire, not to say oval black sapphire comes in close, along with the black marquise and pear shape sapphire.

Engagement rings are becoming increasingly popular with black sapphires, which tend to break the tradition on traditional style diamond engagement rings. The black sapphire is really brought to life when it tends to be set in a halo of white diamonds, which make it an excellent engagement ring and cocktail ring.

A lot of people also get confused between a black diamond and sapphire engagement rings. When it comes to the crunch in deciding between the two black sapphires seems to be the winner most of the time! The reasons for this are subjective of course. However, the texture of each stone tells a different story. Black diamonds compared to black sapphires tend to have a grey texture and the facets are not cut as smooth which makes a less favourable stone compared to the black sapphire.

If you are having trouble finding a black sapphire you love, then come visit Arman’s Fine Jewellery where we have the biggest collection of black sapphire rings available in Sydney!

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