Buying Diamond Rings – Does size really matter?

How much does size matter when buying an engagement or diamond ring. Sydney Jewellers Armans are here with some simple advice on how to impress on your budget!

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Bigger Isn’t Always Better

It’s easy to think that the bigger the ring, the better you’ve done. But it’s not that straightforward – there’s much more to buying the finest engagement ring on your budget. Instead, a better approach to choosing a diamond ring is to consider the 4 Cs – cut, carat weight, colour and clarity.


Carat weight is a unit of measure that most people will associate with the size of a centre diamond. People think the more carats, the more impressive the ring. But the other factors can really make the difference in quality.


The different cuts and proportions of a diamond affect how light will shine through. The better the cut, the more expensive the diamond. If you want a ring with fewer carats, choosing a well-cut diamond can give that extra sparkle that will wow all her friends!


The whiter a diamond, the higher the colour grade it receives. Differences in colour can be a little tricky to determine with the naked eye, so choosing a diamond with a lower colour rating won’t compromise your ring as much as skimping on carats or cut will.


Clarity grading indicates how many imperfections (“blemishes” or “inclusions” a diamond has, and how big they might be. The bigger imperfections can sometimes be spotted, but overall, compromises on clarity can be made in order to focus on the 3 other Cs. You can read more about the 4C’s here –

Finding Perfect Diamond Rings in Sydney

While carat weight is definitely important, these other factors should always be considered alongside the diamond’s size. This will ensure you choose a ring with that flawless sparkle. If you’re looking for the perfect sized diamond ring in Sydney, speak to Armans Jewellery today on (02) 9233 8633 or visit our Sydney Jewellers at our CBD store.