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Engagement Rings

Where to find Sydney’s best engagement rings

There are many jewellers in Sydney who are vying for the position of the jeweller who makes the best engagement rings, but there are only a few jewellers in Sydney that have the accolades and…

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Yellow diamonds: rarity for your engagement ring

White diamonds have always been an extremely popular choice of gemstone for engagement rings, as it has always been a symbol of both luxury and opulence. But other colours of diamonds have been gaining popularity…

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Popular cuts and styles for sapphire engagement rings

There has been a rise in popularity for sapphire engagement rings in Australia. But, with brides-to-be choosing sapphires for their engagement rings, you’ll need to customise your ring to make it stand out from the…

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The rise of the pear halo engagement ring

There are many different styles of engagement rings, all of which make a statement of luxury, taste and allure upon the finger of the person wearing it. But, there is one type of engagement ring…

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Designing your perfect sapphire engagement ring

Diamonds are a popular gemstone for engagement rings, but there are many other gemstones that are being used to symbolise that special occasion. Sapphire engagement rings have seen a boost in popularity in recent years,…

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