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Engagement Rings

From Melbourne to Sydney—flying for a masterpiece

There are so many jewellers to choose from when shopping for an engagement ring in Australia! We see time and time again couples flying and making their way with the first stop being our shop!…

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Black sapphire rings in Sydney

If you are looking for black sapphire rings in Sydney, then look no further than Armans Fine Jewellery! You see black sapphires are becoming increasingly popular with the lustful black shine especially with the designs…

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Ideas for an unforgettable engagement proposal

So you have purchased your engagement ring from Sydney's best jeweller. The hard part is over, right? Unfortunately not—you still have the proposal! The first thing that comes to mind for an idea is where…

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What diamond colour should I put in my engagement ring?

When it comes to picking the design of your engagement ring the diamond makes an overall difference! At Arman' s Fine Jewellery we recommend using the colour ranging from D -H colour for your engagement ring.…

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The best jewellers in Sydney—Part 2

So you are finally looking to take the next step of your relationship to the next level! Of course, you are excited about the whole experience and thought of getting engaged, but when it comes…

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