How to choose an engagement ring that suits her personality

Did you know that the colour and cut of an engagement ring can say a lot about your partner’s personality?

Whether she is a lover of timeless elegance, or an on-trend hip and edgy fashionista, you can be sure that Arman’s Jewellers will have the perfect engagement ring to reflect the unique qualities of her personality!

Ring style: a match made in heaven

Below is a list of the most common types of diamond shapes and what they say about your partner’s personality.

Diamond Shape: Round

A round-cut diamond is one of the most popular cuts for engagement rings, and for good reason. It sparkles like none other, thanks to the stone’s 58 facets. Brides who favour this classic shape are traditionalists at heart, and recognize a good thing when they see it.

ROUND Diamond

Diamond Shape: Princess

Another popular option, the princess-cut diamond is a favourite among brides who want a traditional-shaped engagement ring, but with a little something extra. The stone’s four pointed corners make it an excellent choice for a bride with a modern sensibility.

SQUARE Diamond

Diamond Shape: Emerald

Fewer facets make an emerald-cut diamond susceptible to revealing any flaws the stone may have, which means confidence is a must! Brides who favour this retro-inspired design are open to taking risks and delight in the unexpected


Diamond Shape: Cushion

A cushion-cut diamond gets its name from the rounded corners and curved sides that make it appear softer than a princess-cut diamond but not as circular as a round-cut stone. Everything from the name of the cut to the shape of the diamond is effortlessly romantic, as is the bride


Diamond Shape: Oval

Essentially an elongated circle, an oval-shaped diamond can have just as many facets as a round-cut stone, which means it has the capacity to sparkle just as much. This elegant shape is a favourite among sophisticated brides who are also striving for something unique

OVAL Diamond

Diamond Shape: Pear

Also known as a teardrop, the pear-shaped diamond is a hybrid of styles. Taking its cues from both the oval and marquise, this unique shape is a perfect choice for those who play by their own set of rules and think that two is better than one.


Diamond Shape: Heart

Consider a heart-shaped diamond the wild card in the bunch. Bashful brides who shy away from the spotlight need not consider this finely-crafted shape, as they’ll be sure to attract attention wherever they go.

HEART Diamond

Colour also reflects personality

COLOUR Diamond Ring

Acccording to Margaret Ann Lembo, author of The Essential Guide to Crystals, Minerals and Stones, the colour of a bride’s engagement ring can also say a lot about her personality.

  • Orange stones: She’s is creative
  • Red stones: She is vibrant and active
  • Green stones: She’s earthy and abundant
  • Pink stones: She’s nurturing and romantic
  • Turquoise stones: She’s talkative and creative
  • Pastel blue stones: She’s a communicator
  • Dark blue stones: She’s wise, intelligent and intuitive
  • Purple stones: She’s mystical and intuitive

The ultimate way to express your love

Here at Arman’s Jewellers in Sydney, we want to help you express your love the best way possible, and what better way than by choosing a ring that truly reflects your beloved’s personality and unique characteristics. This is the ultimate way of showing your partner the love, care and consideration you feel for her.

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