Choosing the Right Engagement Ring

Choosing an engagement ring can be a daunting experience for anyone. You have found your soul mate and decided that the time is right, but, as many men have realised, choosing the right ring is never as easy as it first appears.

Here at ARMANS, our master jewellers travel extensively to source the most exquisite diamonds and gemstones. But, as an engagement ring says as much about the man proposing as it does about the woman he is proposing to, it is up to you to choose the ring that conveys that special message that can be so hard to put into words.

Blue sapphire diamond ring

The Cut of the Diamond

The ‘cut’ of the diamond does not actually refer to its shape, which is a common misconception about diamonds. The cut refers to the diamond’s surfaces, sides and proportions, whilst the shape is its geometric shape, for instance oval or square.

So, while the diamond is shaped to give it a geometric form, it is the ‘cut’ that bestows upon it the qualities that make it a girl’s best friend. There are ten diamond cuts and many theories on the subject of their meanings. When you are considering which cut is most appropriate for your special someone, consider some of the following:

– What kind of person is she? Quiet or quite out there?
– What kind of jewellery does she normally enjoy wearing?
– Is she a fashionista or someone who creates her own style?

Although sometimes choosing the right ring can seem like a purposefully difficult task, at ARMANS we can help you ask the right questions to find the perfect piece for your perfect match.


The Other Cs: Colour, Clarity and Carat

The cut of the diamond provides it with its defining characteristics. However, there are three additional ‘Cs’ to consider when searching for your perfect ring—colour, clarity and carat.

The colour of a diamond is one of the most important considerations. White diamonds are graded according to their ‘colourlessness’, with the most colourless diamonds being the most valuable, whereas coloured diamonds are graded according to the depth and richness of the colour.

The clarity of a diamond is also important, although not everybody prefers greater clarity. While some worry about the ‘nature’s footprints’ seen through a jeweller’s loupe, others believe that these ‘birthmarks’ are what makes a diamond inimitably unique.

Carat refers to a diamond’s size and weight. Different people prefer different stone sizes, so consider what sort of style your significant other prefers—you may not have to spend very much to get the right gem for your lady!

perfect-diamond-ringWhile the selection of the perfect ring ultimately lies with you, the master jewellers here at ARMANS have years of experience crafting exquisite rings and can provide you with expert advice to help you make a decision to cherish forever.