Choosing the right wedding ring to pair with your diamond engagement ring

So you have purchased your diamond engagement ring from Armans Fine Jewellery. You have fallen in love with your engagement ring time and time again but ensuring you choose the right wedding ring is important to finishing off the look. Because you wear both the engagement ring and wedding ring together it is important to cover off any ideas you have in mind. At Armans Fine Jewellery most of our engagement rings are made so that the wedding rings sit flush against the engagement ring, however depending on the design there may be a slight gap as well which also still look absolutely stunning. Whether you own a halo engagement ring or solitaire engagement ring continue to read to see which wedding ring you should pair with your engagement ring.

Wedding Rings

The first option and usually the most common option is to get a matching wedding ring with the same thickness and setting as your engagement ring. This is probably the best bet in terms of all the options for wedding rings as it doesn’t take away from the actual engagement ring itself. This also make a perfect option for an eternity band to add to both the engagement ring and wedding ring.

The second option is to get a thinner or thicker wedding ring. It all depends on you for a finer wedding ring it will not add as much thickness however still blends in with the engagement ring at the same time. For a lady who loves to show more diamonds then a thicker wedding ring is the way to go.

The last option is mixing metals colours. At Armans Fine Jewellery many ladies love mixing rose gold with platinum or even yellow gold for a more contemporary look. In addition, choosing a coloured wedding ring will give a noticeable contrast to your engagement ring.

Whichever option you choose at Armans Fine Jewellery located in the heart of Sydney CBD we have a huge variety of wedding rings for you to choose from to compliment your diamond engagement ring!