Does colour matter? The growing trend of coloured engagement rings

As the saying goes, diamonds are forever, but they only come in a few of colours, so let’s look at some beautiful coloured engagement rings that can capture the true spirit of your love. Coloured stones in rings are a great way to show personality and creativity, and are more popular than ever. Couples have decided that coloured rings do matter and they are important to create deeper meanings and celebrate their love in a custom style. Coloured gems also have traditionally had an associated meaning, as in the past they were very rare and mystical.

Does colour matter

We have detailed some of the more common stones and what meaning they have behind them. They can range from bringing wealth to the wearer or even promising fidelity to the married couple.

Blue Sapphires

These dark blue stones symbolise loyalty and devotion. In the past it has been considered the colour of fidelity and was always used in betrothal rings. That is until the diamond industry became popular in the early 20th century.

Pink Sapphires

These rare pink stones are meant to encourage truth and trust in the relationship.


In Medieval Europe, rubies symbolised wealth and wisdom along with health and success in relationships.

Blue Topaz

This bright light stone is meant to encourage clear and calm communication in a relationship, along with personal growth and a desire to learn.

Purple Amethyst

This dark stone has been reported to promote happiness, contentment and peace. Wearing this stone everyday could ensure a happy marriage and content life together.


The lovely light green gemstone has been linked to prosperity and compassion. Two excellent qualities to take into a marriage.


This stone can range in colour from a dark orange to a bright green. The red stone, also known as Spessartite, is a good stone for creative people as it is said to channel the energy from the sun. The green stone will boost the confidence of the wearer.


This stunning aqua stone brings the qualities of courage, clarity of mind and good health.

Coloured engagement rings can capture the true essence of your love, because not all love is black and white… diamonds. We carry a range of beautiful coloured stones that are perfect for an engagement piece, please visit our website to find out more about designing a custom ring.