Current trends in engagement rings

Custom engagement rings are allowing couples to break away from standard engagement ring styles. From yellow diamond engagement rings to rings which feature different metals, we’re seeing more interesting and creative styles become popular choices for brides-to-be. Your ring no longer has to be a plain diamond in a silver band. Here are some current features which couples are incorporating into their rings.

Coloured Diamonds

This is a great twist on the traditional diamond. If you’re attached to the idea of a diamond, but would like something a little bit more unusual, a black, pink or yellow diamond engagement ring is the way to go.

Open settings

Open settings are a nice modern touch for the classic single-stone engagement ring. Popular with celebrities who really want to show off their enormous stone, the open setting makes a special stone really stand out.

Halo rings

Halo is the name given to a ring which has one bigger stone set within a ‘halo’ of smaller stones. They’ve been popular for a while and they’re not going anywhere. It’s a lovely way of highlighting a smaller stone, adding some diamonds to a ring with a different gem as the main stone, and bringing some more sparkle to a ring.


Marquise cut diamond rings are growing in popularity. The unusual shape and the air of vintage glamour about them are seeing them chosen more and more. The versatility of the stone makes it an easy cut to personalise, with unusual settings or pairing with different stones. Marquise cut diamonds are one of the best styles for crafting a truly unique engagement ring.

Elaborate bands

Textured and embellished bands are a favourite choice for women who aren’t all about the size of the diamond. If you are more interested in the aesthetic of the ring as a whole, rather than focusing on what will make the stone stand out most, an intricately crafted band is for you.

Rose gold

Don’t like gold, can’t wear silver? Rose gold is for you. The delicately soft colour of rose gold makes for a gorgeous band that is different without being over-the-top unusual. It pairs nicely with white and pink stones, turquoise and black diamonds. You’ll be surprised how many stones it matches well with!