Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

Cushion cut diamonds feature both large facets and rounded corners to allow for a soft and romantic feel whilst still achieving maximum brilliance. It is a classic cut that offers variety from a standard cut whilst maintaining elegance and class. The soft edges yet plump look add depth and volume to the diamond. Especially when paired with a halo setting this cut is timeless.

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Why Cushion Cut Rings?

For over one hundred years the Cushion Cut has been a popular choice for many brides to be. The design is crafted to accentuate the sheer beauty of the diamond. The larger facets surrounding the centrepiece play a pivotal role in highlighting a diamond’s clarity, ensuring that your engagement ring won’t go unnoticed. A cushion cut diamond is a combination of the classic mine cut and the modern oval or rectangular cut, a style that our master jewellers have perfected to a point of sheer brilliance. Also known as “pillow cut” diamonds, these classic engagement rings can be styled to a variable array of shapes that range from square to rectangular. The design process is based upon the desired dimension of the cut whi