Custom Engagement Rings for a Unique Proposal

It seems like every week we hear about another guy outdoing the last guy in the realm of outlandish proposals to their prospective wives. Flash mobs, orchestrating city skyscraper lights, fake movie trailers and even shutting down a freeway, have all been instruments in getting a wow factor out of a proposal from men to their girlfriends.Unique Proposal-custom engagement rings Sydney

Is this simply an extension of their characters, or are we just trying to outdo oneanother? The reality is, making your proposal unique and special to you, all comes down to being genuine and relevant with how your propose and where (should usually be a place special to the two of you), and choosing a ring that is unique and not ‘off the shelf’.

This is by far the easiest and simplest way to make a proposal special and unique. After all, it’s the ring that she will be wearing for the rest of her life, and it’s important to not only pick something that you know she’ll love, but cater the design in a way that reflects the two of you, and your tastes (well, mainly hers). Only a specific few jewelers in the country can offer this personal service with the attention to detail that is required to make the little changes that separate your design from the rest, and it is in Sydney where the best can be found. Many will offer your selection of diamond sizes and band carat weight, but for true custom engagement rings in Sydney, you needn’t look further than the Sydney CBD, where our headquarters is located.

So if you want to make your proposal special without the outlandish extravagance of a public display that can come off as tacky and insincere, stick to what every woman will love, being a custom engagement ring that you designed yourself, specifically for her, and the best place to start is with us. So give Armans Jewellery a call on 02 9233 8633, or visit us via, where one of our design experts can sit down with you and help design an engagement ring that is a reflection of your future wife.