Custom Engagement Rings

Nothing says “I love you” more than a custom diamond engagement ring. Our master jewellers can help you craft a one-of-a-kind ring today!
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Most of our engagement rings are custom made, which allows for almost any design.

While still having an extensive range of options to choose from in our Sydney CBD boutique, you can choose to customise your engagement ring with our team of award-winning master jewellers.

Our engagement ring gallery is only a small selection of what is available in our boutique. We can handcraft these to your choice of diamond or coloured gemstone and metal including white gold, yellow gold, rose gold and platinum. We can also design and create custom engagement rings to suit your style.

It usually starts with inspiration from the shape and colour of a diamond or gemstone, which we have a wide selection to choose from. After selecting the right stone, our team of award-winning designer jewellers can work with you to assist and handcraft the perfect engagement ring that will be treasured for generations to come.

To ensure that you will end up with the exact design you are after, we also offer our clients the chance to view the step by step process of seeing the ring before any diamonds or gemstones are set. They can then have modifications adjusted within this process.

Having your diamond engagement ring custom made by our team ensures that you will end up with an engagement ring that is precisely tailored to your requirements and caters to your style.

For further information or if you would like to speak to our head award-winning designer jeweller, Levon Arzumanian, for an appointment, feel free to contact us.

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Our Process

We start by talking with you and getting a feel for what you desire. After all, it is going to be your forever ring. We will discuss the different cuts, colours, styles and settings with you and provide examples so together we can best design a unique diamond engagement ring.

Once you decide on a design, our award-winning master jewellers will craft your ring. We only source the highest grade diamonds, so you know you are going to get a stunning gem. Combining excellent materials with expert crafting, your engagement ring will truly be one of a kind!

We know that when your special lady sees the custom engagement ring, you’ll surprise her with, it will be extra special because there is no other ring like it. Your one of a kind girl deserves a one of a kind ring!

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1. Consultation

1. Consultation

Sit down with our master jewellers and go over your options.

2. Design

2. Design

Design the perfect engagement ring for your special someone.

3. Craft

3. Craft

We will carefully and lovingly handcraft your engagement ring.

4. Deliver

4. Deliver

From our hands to yours, you’ll be in love with the finished product.


Whether you’re looking to surprise your special someone with the perfect ring, or a couple wanting to explore the options together, we can design a ring that is both bespoke and unique. We will sit down with you discuss your options.



Although we specialise and suggest the diamond, we can and have worked with numerous other gems. Sapphire, ruby, emerald, coloured diamonds and more are all available for use in our custom rings.



From the classic brilliant round to the radiant cut, we can do it all. We work with you to not only select but then form the ultimate cut that will let your engagement ring sparkle like no other.



Depending on the stone and style selected, we will ensure the perfect setting is used. Whether it be bezel, claw, pave and more, we are masters at all types so no matter what you desire, we can craft it.

Metal Band

Metal Band

Classic yellow gold is still popular but to only offer that is outdated. We can create a ring from rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold. Our experts have experience with all types of metal and band styles.

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Our award-winning jewellers are ready to craft your special ring. But before that, come into our Sydney CBD boutique and discuss with Aris. Chatting with him will enable you to understand what style you desire genuinely.

His expertise can help you view various cuts, designs and colours. Not every hand is the same and Aris understands that and will help suggest and tailor a suitably crafted ring unique to you.

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Some of our bespoke engagement ring designs

Oval Cut
Emerald Cut
Various Cuts
Cushion Cut Halo
Pear Shape Halo
Radiant Cut