A cut above: inspirations from celebrity engagement rings

They may carry a fairly hefty price tag, but celebrity engagement rings can still serve as great inspirations when choosing a ring for your soul mate.

Rings gracing the hands of prominent, cultural and leading female figures provide an indication as to what trends are in vogue. They can also serve as a great way to stamp a time period on your special moment for years to come.

From Blake Lively’s oval-cut, pink diamond ring to Kate Middleton and Princess Diana’s 18-carat, blue sapphire ring, allow the famous, the unconventional and the sentimental styles of celebrities past and present, broaden your mind.
Pink Diamond Ring
We begin with the iconic, cosmopolitan and one of the most captivating First Ladies, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. John F. Kennedy asked for this young lady’s hand in 1953, bestowing her with a complex ring setting, combining a 2.88-carat diamonds, 2.84 carat emerald, surrounding marquise cut diamonds, set on a gold ring. A stunning juxtaposition of two gemstone colours, to suit his intelligent and beautiful lady.

Moving to royalty of another guild, in a priceless, sentimental gesture, Prince William presented his mother, Lady Diana Spencer’s, 12-carat oval clue Ceylon sapphire ring to Kate Middleton. This ring was neither unique, nor custom-made, but was picked by Diana purely because she liked it. Choices like these, speak wonders for both Lady Diana and Prince William’s connection with the public.

Sometimes the effort is what counts. Angelina Jolie’s 16-carat engagement ring is apparently a labour of over a year’s craftsmanship and love. Brad Pitt worked with the designer to bring to life his vision of an emerald-cut diamond ring, flanked by trapezoid diamonds, inset into a ribbed band.

Justin Timberlake meanwhile, drew inspiration from retro vintage rings, to design the 6-carat diamond ring that he presented to his lady Jessica Biel.

To compliment the complexion of his beautiful blond and tanned lady, Ryan Reynolds pulled all stops, crafting a 12-carat, oval-cut pink diamond, set in rose gold and pave diamonds, to win her hand.

When the sports and the celebrity world collide, what becomes is a square-cut blue sapphire, flanked by two trillion-cut white diamonds. This is the sparkler that Shane Warne presented to his then bride-to-be, Elizabeth Hurley.

Whilst Victoria Beckham is reported to possess over 15 engagement rings from her husband, footballer David Beckham, the first ring that set the marriage in motion was none other than a marquise-cut diamond, set on a yellow band.

So there you have it. Inspiration galore. It goes to show that, what stands out is the sentiment, a beautiful, well-cut stone, and the story to match the ring you choose or craft for your perfect someone.

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