Design your own custom engagement ring in four easy steps

Armans custom engagement rings designCementing a life long commitment to your significant other is a moment in time worth celebrating. To put it simply, choosing your engagement ring is a decision that will last with you for a lifetime – a centrefold to your unique personality and an expression of your taste. What better way to showcase your special moment than with a custom engagement ring? Here is how you can design your very own custom engagement in four easy steps.

1. Choose the setting

First things first. Designing your own ring is an expression of your personality and taste. Gaining inspiration is the first step in the design process. What sort of shape reflects you as a person? An oval, a square, a circle or a singular stone? What do you want your engagement ring to say about you? Modest elegance? Vintage sophistication? Bold and beautiful? There is vast range of ring settings to select from and most jewellery experts will guide you through the design process, from a French pave to a solitaire stone, from a bold and centred Halo stone to an outer claw, from a cathedral shaped fitting to a petite twist or a round cut. Visit for design inspiration.

2. Choose the metal

One you have the setting down pact, the next step is to choose your metal. Your choice will depend upon your budget, taste and of course, you want to choose a ring that compliments your existing jewellery collection. Your jewellery expert will provide you with an array of options and carat settings, from the understated elegance of White Gold, to the vibrancy of  Yellow Gold, the boldness of a Platinum sparkle to a vintage and timeless sophistication of Rose Gold.

3. Choose the stone

Now that you have chosen the basis to your handcrafted engagement ring, it is time to select the ‘icing on the cake.’ There is a delectable range of Diamonds and gemstones to choose from and each vary in shape, colour, cut and carat. There’s no limits in combinations, styles and shapes and by designing your own custom engagement ring you will definitely find yourself with a glittering finish that expresses your personality and taste. Yellow diamonds, pink diamonds, white diamonds, red rubies, blue sapphires – the choices are endless.

4. Find a jeweller who can make it for you

Finding the right master jeweller to guide you through the design process is important. We recommend finding an experienced jeweller who is committed to showcasing your personality and handcrafting the right fit to your taste.

Armans Fine Jewellery has been creating custom diamond engagement rings for 30 years, the name is highly regarded within the industry. Armans and Levon continue to produce innovative and distinctively beautiful, bespoke designs that are inspired by art, history and the natural world. With a instinctive eye for design and sterling reputation, this father and son duo are the ideal choice if you are seeking to create a custom diamond engagement ring that can be cherished for generations.

“When a client asks me for something different, it fuels my passion for my job – I love to push the boundaries in design” – Levon Arzumanian (Award-winning Master Jeweller).


For more information on custom engagement ring or to book a consultation please visit our Sydney CBD boutique or website at You can also call us on (02) 9233 8633 to book an appointment.