The Diamond Difference at Arman’s Fine Jewellery

The Diamond Difference

To the naked eye diamonds are beautiful in their simplicity and elegance, but upon closer scrutiny you can really appreciate the diamond difference…

Diamonds are so spectacular in their vibrancy and shine that it can be easy to overlook the craftsmanship in cutting and designing diamonds for fine jewellery. Not to mention the petite size of diamonds that can make it even more difficult to define the meticulous cuts made to create the reflections of light we appreciate. At Arman’s Fine Jewellery in Sydney, we have an intimate appreciation for diamond cuts and the significance each cut can bring to unique fine jewellery. We encourage our clients during our custom design consultations to consider the contribution certain diamond cuts can bring to their special piece.

There are many different types of diamond cuts available that come in different designs and patterns…

In order to make your beautiful jewellery shine its brightest it is crucial to pick a cut that suits you. The type of cut will actually determine how bright your diamond will shine, as a diamond cut is comprised of many angular and flat surfaces that reflect light through the diamond, giving them their shine and vibrancy. The brighter the diamond, the more intricate the cuts are likely to be. There are a variety of cuts to choose from that will determine the shine of your diamond and its shape. At Arman’s Fine Jewellery we have used a variety of diamond cuts in our pieces, including:

  • Oval
  • Princess
  • Round brilliant
  • Marquise
  • Pear shaped
  • Cushion
  • Emerald
  • Asscher
  • Radiant
  • Heart shaped

Every diamond has unique cuts that determine its value, beauty and setting. These cuts are created with meticulous skill and concentration to ensure that every surface is level, polished and will best reflect light. Our team of Master Jewellers source the best diamond cuts from some of the finest and ethically sound sources from around the world.

At Arman’s Fine Jewellery we find that round brilliant cut and cushion cut are by far the most popular this time of year…

The Diamond Difference

Recently we have received a peaked interest in the round brilliant cut and the cushion cut diamond, from our clients that prefer traditional cut diamonds. Round cuts are by far one of the most popular cuts in the fine jewellery profession, with over 75% of diamonds sold being of the round brilliant variety. Its popularity is due to its ability to reflect light. A cushion cut diamond combines a square cut with rounded corners, much like a ‘cushion’. This classic cut has been around for almost 200 years, and for the first century of its existence it was the most popular diamond shape.

There is an abundance of diamond cut types to choose from in fine jewellery crafting…

The Diamond Difference

Diamonds are surprisingly versatile in their ability to be cut. Throughout history, many fine artisans have tested the limits and created uniquely shaped diamond cuts. Today, there are several very popular diamond cut types that are all available at Arman’s Fine Jewellery in Sydney on request. If you are interested in exploring the different cut options available to you, feel free to call us today for a custom consultation and receive advice straight from our leading craftsmen Arman and his son Levon. Together Arman and Levon have been creating beautiful jewellery at their Sydney location for many years. These master jewellers are dedicated to providing their customers with exquisite pieces, using the finest precious stones and metals that will last a lifetime.

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