What diamond colour should I put in my engagement ring?

What Diamond Colour Should I Put in my Engagement RingWhen it comes to picking the design of your engagement ring the diamond makes an overall difference!

At Arman’ s Fine Jewellery we recommend using the colour ranging from D -H colour for your engagement ring. The reasons behind this is because no lady wants a merky diamond!

D colour being the only pure diamond there is stands out amazing in any Arman’s engagement ring.

D-F colour range of diamonds are what’s called the colourless. When compared to one another it is very hard to tell the difference.

G-L colour is what is deemed near colourless. However there is 6 ranges of colour in this category when there is only 3 in the colourless section!

G and H colour are easy to spot once compared to the colourless section, however on their own still looks beautiful. Once you start going down the H scale it the yellow hue starts becoming obvious, which hinders the diamonds transparency.

When it comes to discussing what diamond colour is best suited for you and your partner, speak to one of Armans diamond specialist where we have the knowledge in all aspects of  diamond colours as well as coloured stone rings!

Watch this video for a better understanding: