Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamonds are forever. Our stunning diamond engagement rings symbolise eternity, immortalised as a lustrous, beautiful gemstone.

Aside from the diamond gemstone, few things in this world can truly lay claim to possessing the all-conquering trifecta of power, resilience and alluring beauty.

Diamonds have been cherished as adornments through the centuries and graced the hands of so many, received as gifts of commitment from their soulmates. Classic, timeless, brilliant and exuding style, let the choice of diamond shape the very heart and character of your perfect engagement ring.

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Why Diamond Engagement Rings?

Diamonds have long been synonymous with eternity, purity and beauty. The very origins of its name stem from the Greek word “adamas”, which translates to unconquerable or untamed. Formed under only the most specific of conditions, temperatures and pressures, at depths of up to 190 kilometres below the earth’s surface, it’s no wonder that these rare and exquisite gems have harnessed such strength of reputation.

The journey through the glorious world of diamond engagement rings is both fascinating and meandering. There is an endless array of styles, shapes and designs available to the collector, each with its own individual characters and tale to spin. You’re limited only by your imagination.

The most highly popular, is undoubtedly the fiery and radiant round brilliant cut diamond, superb at capturing and reflecting light. However, other styles have fast growing fan bases. For those seeking a more slender stone to adorn their fingers and create a long, slim effect, the perfect choice may be the emerald cut. Then there’s the graceful princess cut, the vintage Asscher cut, the romantic cushion cut, the droplet pear cut, the dramatic Marquise, and still more.

Modern literature also espouses the four C’s – carat cut, colour and clarity – as part of the quintessential vocabulary in the education of any prospective diamond engagement ring buyer. These are the commonly used descriptors of the quality of each individual diamond.

Take the time to learn about this wondrous miracle and you will be well rewarded.

The enduring qualities of the diamond make it a fitting symbol of the resilience and longevity in love and marriage. Make the diamond the natural star of your perfect engagement ring.

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