How Diamonds are Cut

Here at ARMANS Fine Jewellery we pride ourselves on the cut and shape of our diamonds that form the centrepieces of so many gorgeous engagement rings and other jewellery pieces. We would like to provide a quick rundown of some of the techniques we use to provide our gems with their unmistakeable style and brilliance in order to help you find the perfect piece for your perfect partner.

Diamond Cutting – The Basics

There are four techniques employed by diamond cutters—cleaving, sawing, cutting (technically known as bruiting), and polishing.

Cleaving is the usually first technique employed. To cleave the diamond into pieces that are small enough to be cut and polished, a point of weakness must be found and a blade placed in this groove for the cutter to strike and cut the diamond cleanly in two. If there is no visible point of weakness, then sawing will be the first step taken.

Once the diamond has been cleaved into manageable pieces it is then cut. This is the technique that gives the diamond its shape, so it is at this point that it will be crafted into, for instance, a marquis, princess, or round diamond.

Common Diamond Shapes for Engagement Rings

Before discussing the most common shapes of diamonds set in engagement rings, it is important to understand that there is a difference between a diamond’s cut and its shape.

The cut of a diamond refers to its ability to reflect the light. This is one of the most importance characteristics of a diamond, one of the all-important Four Cs of Diamond Quality (alongside carat, clarity, and colour). Please read our earlier article on the Four Cs for a detailed explanation on the importance of a diamond’s cut or feel free to ask any of our expert jewellers for more information.

In contrast, the shape of a diamond refers to the physical appearance of the stone. There are many different diamond shapes to choose from, including:

  • Rectangular (including asscher, emerald, princess, and radiant)
  • Square (cushion)
  • Heart-shaped
  • Pear-shaped (or Marquis; pear-shaped with pointed ends)
  • Oval
  • Round

There are many ways to set every diamond shape, so you have even more methods to customise the ring you choose.

ARMANS has an extensive selection of diamond engagement rings for you to choose from here on our website or you can provide us with your own personalised design. Please visit our store in the Sydney CBD to discuss our custom-made engagement rings and other options.