Diamonds Are Forever – Let Arman’s Fine Jewellery Source Your Precious Stone

diamonds are forever

Today’s proposals are all about the stone, everyone wants to know what cut, colour, weight, or gem you’ve scored from your engagement…

With our gossip mags filled with the next Kardashian’s supersized ring rather than a story about the romantic proposal we have been led to obsess about what the best engagement gemstone for our partner may be. This can become extremely stressful and overwhelming, don’t let choosing a diamond get the best of you and leave it to the professionals. Here at Arman’s Fine Jewellery in Sydney we can help source, loose diamonds, pink argyle diamonds, high quality gemstones or any unique diamond you may be on the hunt for.

Loose diamonds for any occasion… 

Perhaps you would like to treat yourself or treat a special someone to a rare and unique diamond. Loose diamonds, really do last forever and can be used for earrings, pendants, rings or whatever you like. The advantage of sourcing loose diamonds is that you can get the perfect gem you desire in a custom design. If your sourcing a unique diamond for that special someone, here at Arman’s Fine Jewellery we also custom design engagement rings. This allows you to pick the exact diamond you want with a custom design to place it in, does it get anymore unique than that! We can help source your desired cut, colour, carat and clarity to ensure you get the diamond you are looking for.

Pretty in pink with pink argyle diamonds….

The treasured Argyle Diamond is the world’s primary source of rare pink diamonds however; these exceptionally rare diamonds can be difficult to source. Here at Arman’s Fine Jewellery we can make this process much easier for you and leave you to worrying about the proposal. If your special someone loves pink there is no better way to show your love than with the rare argyle pink diamond.

 High quality gemstones may be the key…

If you’re interested in a rare gift or a special stone for yourself, let Arman’s Fine Jewellery source your next gemstone. There has been a move towards synthetic gemstones as they provide an alternative that is just as hard and just as brilliant as a natural gem. Often even the colour and clarity of the synthetic stone may be higher than some natural ones; however the rarity and unique nature of natural stones still have gem collectors looking for the earth’s gems. Gemstones like sapphires or rubies are much more specific in letting that special someone know that you truly recognise your love and know their taste. Each gem may say something different and often you know the gem that would best suit your partner or yourself.

Our team of master jewelers can source overseas loose diamonds, pink diamonds and gemstones that are nothing short of excellent. Whatever the unique stone that you may be on the hunt for we can help make that dream a reality. Not only do we help source your dream stone but we can design a custom placing for that stone. Increasingly engagements are turning into a battle of the gems to determine the ultimate expression of your love. Remember diamonds last forever, have you chosen a diamond that says your love can also last forever? Don’t stress yourself out looking for rare diamond; let our master jewelers here at Arman’s Fine Jewellery in Sydney do the hard work.

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