Engagement Ring Trends For 2014

Engagement Ring Trends 2014

Which engagement ring styles are set to be the most popular in 2014?

At Arman’s Fine Jewellers in Sydney, we are committed to keeping up to date with the latest news, information and trends in the jewellery market. As such, in this article we take a look at the most popular engagement ring trends influencing the decision making process of many buyers, from the changes in metal choice, the stones cut and colour to the setting of the ring.


A huge trend that launched in 2013 and continues to dominate is inspired by vintage design, the halo setting. A halo setting is a variation of the bezel setting, where the bezel (surrounding metal collar) is lined with smaller diamonds, creating a “halo” around the main stone.

The benefits include:

  • This setting can make the centre of the diamond appear up to 30% larger
  • Enhance the ring’s sparkle
  • Halo settings provide great value for overall carat weight

Yellow gold

To date, white, gold and platinum have been the overwhelmingly popular metal choices. In 2014 we are seeing an increase in the popularity of yellow and rose gold. Their antique feel appeals to those with an eye for distinguished design as it adds a twist to an otherwise timeless ring style.

Many couples are also choosing to utilise a mixed colour palette of metals to display their chosen diamond in their engagement ring.

The most popular diamond cuts for engagement rings this year include:

Cushion-cuts : Now more popular than the brilliant princess-cut, the modern cushion-cut diamond is a hybrid of antique old European and mine cuts. While they may have less sparkle than the round cuts, they are characterized by soft, rounded edges that offer a truly romantic feel and appearance. They look divine set in the aforementioned halos too.

Emerald-cuts: The emerald-cut also expresses vintage charm and timeless beauty, but is very distinct from the cushion. The Emerald cut, rectangular in shape, offers a step-cut facet pattern, which has been popularized by several celebrities recently including Angelina Jolie. Asscher cuts also make for stunning alternative.

Coloured gemstones vs diamonds

In 2013, we saw an emergence of canary yellow, cognac and champagne. This year women are standing out with elegance, opting for sapphire gemstones over diamond engagement rings.  These beautiful gemstones are popular not only due to their obvious aesthetic appeal; they are also an affordable alternatively to diamonds.  Set in a halo of diamonds in a micropavé band, sapphires can make a magnificent alternative to diamond engagement rings. Perhaps Kate Middleton’s engagement ring had something to do with the spark of this trend?

Timeless classic combined with modern trends

While it’s interesting to discover new diamond and ring trends, it’s always important to remember that this is the ring your partner will wear forever. At Arman’s Fine Jewellery located in Sydney, we ensure that each diamond engagement ring we create is instilled with timeless classic style that is set to endure the test of time and passing fashion trends. That said, we encourage each of our clients to research the latest trends and design ideas before their custom design consultation to ensure their engagement ring is a reflection of their unique style.

Elegantly unique designs to capture her heart for a lifetime…

To find out more about design trends for diamond engagement rings, or to reserve a custom design consultation with the team at Arman’s Fine Jewellery, please contact us.