Engagement Rings and What They Say About You


Rings Can Say Just As Much about the Wearer as the Buyer

In our last blog, we talked about the symbolic meaning of different diamond shapes. We also briefly touched on how much the ring said about you as it does about your bride-to-be if you surprise her with a ring whether it’s a dazzling diamond ring or sparkling coloured stone rings set in diamonds you need to match the ring to her personality.

If you’re lucky enough for her to pick out the ring, however, well that is a different story.

Choosing the Right Ring for Her…

The style of the engagement ring is important, whether it’s a simple diamond engagement ring or a canary diamond engagement ring. What you buy her will tell her volumes about how well you know her. If you’ve found yourself staring blankly at a collection of engagement rings thinking, “yeah they’re shiny but I don’t know,” stop and think about her. Not in any flowery, romantic sense, but who she is as a person:

  • How does she dress?
  • What kind of jewellery does she wear? Does she wear any?
  • Does she spend a lot of money on fashionable clothes and shoes?
  • What’s her room like?
  • Where she does she work?
  • How would you describe her personality?

Simple, straightforward questions (and your budget) can help you to determine the best engagement ring for her. Also, if she wears rings on her left hand, you should bring this with you. At Arman’s Fine Jewellery in Sydney we can craft an elegant designer engagement ring in Sydney especially for your partner. With the finest quality diamonds and gemstones, our master jewellers can provide you with a ring that will be an investment in beauty, opulence and style.

Why Arman’s Fine Jewellery Is the Place to Go for Your Engagement Rings…

By looking at your partner’s taste in clothes, jewellery as well as her personality, you’re on the right track to picking the perfect ring. Although why not have her engagement ring custom-made? Give your partner a unique ring with the help of the Master Jewellers at Arman’s Fine Jewellery. While we do have our very own range of stunning diamond engagement rings, our master jewellers in Sydney CBD have over twenty years of experience making bespoke rings.

We offer clients a selection of designs to be used as inspiration when you visit us for a custom design consultation. We can craft for you an engagement ring of timeless beauty, style and indulgence.

There is more to picking an engagement ring than just picking the shiny, expensive one that you think she should like. When you present her with the engagement ring, it should speak for you. It should show her what you are trying to say in the form of a dazzling, beautiful ring including pink diamond ring designs that she’ll be happy to show-off; and to wear for the rest of her life.

From the quirky to the conservative, the master jewellers at Arman’s Fine Jewellers can give you the very best in diamond engagement rings to suit your partner. Come in and see us at our Sydney jewellery boutique.

For more information on our diamond engagement rings, to book a design consultation, please don’t hesitate to contact us.