How to find the perfect engagement ring in Sydney

If you are currently looking at jewellery stores in Sydney looking for the perfect engagement ring to pop the question with, then we highly suggest considering handmade engagement rings in Sydney. Here at Armans Fine Jewellery, we love educating clients on why this is such a fantastic idea. The following is a list of some of the extra ideas you get with handmade jewellery that you don’t get with purchasing what’s already made out of the window.

Engagement Ring Sydney


At Armans Jewellery we can always personalise any style of engagement rings, but when you purchase a custom engagement ring, you will get to make the whole engagement ring personal to you! You can literally design the whole engagement ring to express your eternal love for one another.

Diamond and Gemstones

A huge movement right now in engagement rings is using coloured diamonds and gemstones. For the time you purchase a handmade engagement ring, you can select which colours and sizes you want in the setting. There are some colour options available in the case, but we love giving you the chance to get the perfect colour in the setting for your engagement ring.

Metal Colours

You may have seen a lot of engagement rings in different colours. When designing your custom engagement ring you have the flexibility of personalising the handmade engagement ring—you will be able to meld different colours of gold or utilise silver instead of gold. There are a lot of directions you can take with this, and you will end up with something that is gorgeous and one of a kind.

Engagement Rings Styles

The wide array of Engagement Rings Styles gives you the flexibility to play with your custom wedding ring. There are a lot of different styles, shapes and colours to choose from. To match the perfect setting to the perfect wedding ring is a huge benefit of purchasing a handmade engagement ring.

To find the best diamond engagement rings Sydney has to offer, make a consultation with one of our Engagement Ring Experts today.