Classically chic, gold is an enduring element that is resistant to rust, tarnish and corrosion…

Although gold is quite strong, it is the most malleable of all precious metals and as such is ideal for use in intricate jewellery pieces.

Gold Colours

Another factor that can influence the design of your gold jewellery piece is colour, and this is determined by the type and percentage of metal alloys included in the material. The different colours of gold include:

  • Yellow gold- this warm hue is typically comprised of copper, silver and pure gold
  • White gold- this effervescent hue is created by using a rhodium platinum
  • Rose gold- this exiting hue is created by using a copper alloy

Gold Care

As gold is a natural element, it can be tainted by harsh chemicals such as cleaning products and chlorine. At Arman’s Fine Jewellers we recommend that you avoid contact with these chemicals whilst wearing your fine jewellery pieces. To clean your gold jewellery use a soft bristled brush and a solution of warm water with detergent free soap. Store your gold pieces separately to protect them from daily elements.

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