A Guide to Fine jewellery details by Arman’s Fine Jewellery

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The difference between an average engagement ring and a stunning engagement ring is the finer details… which we are experts in

Any bride-to-be will know that it’s the small details that count. This includes the choice of flowers you use in the proposal, the napkin rings you have at your wedding and the small lace detail of the dress. It should come as no surprise that your bride will appreciate the finer details and planning that goes into a wedding ring or engagement ring.

Here at Arman’s Fine Jewellery in Sydney, we understand that fine details resemble care and appreciation – so what better way to show your bride that you care for her, and care enough to think about every detail of her ring and happiness.

If you’re interested in what type of ring details are available this guide will be helpful to you.

Cathedral Settings are intricate and beautiful from every angle

An intricate cathedral setting usually involves intricate metal work in between the shoulders underneath the ‘gallery’ of the engagement ring. This area is sometimes known as the bridge which supports the centre stone.

Beautiful diamond engagement ring available in Sydney
This piece features a simple cathedral setting with a small diamond within the metal design of the bridge. This is a small detail which most brides will appreciate, after all you can never have too many diamonds on a diamond ring.

Intricate ring band and detailed gallery

Stunning diamond engagement ring available in Sydney

The band or ‘shank’ of the ring can also be engraved and shaped to have intricate detail to make the most out of your platinum, gold or white gold diamond ring. There are many different styles of metal detailing for your engagement ring.

There is:

  • Filigree, which is a baroque style floral detailing
  • Celtic, which is branch-like intertwined rings
  • Modern and elegant, which is plain and simple

A unique claw, prong or bezel

If you think your bride would like a coloured diamond ring then you may wish to choose a different type of metal for the claw. This is so that it does not compromise the colour of the coloured diamond.

Yellow and white diamond engagement ring available in Sydney

As you can see above, a yellow diamond has been chosen as the centre stone. Yellow gold claws were used so that they did not clash with the yellow diamond. You may also want to select different coloured claws or bezels if you want a combination of different coloured metals. Some people choose to combine rose gold or yellow gold with platinum, especially if both silver and gold is part of the bride-to-be’s everyday wardrobe.

The bezel is a type of setting which frames the centre stone. This part of the ring is a popular choice for a different variation of metal as it can make the centre stone ‘pop’ and even appear larger.

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