What is the hottest style of engagement ring this year?

What Is The Hottest Style of Engagement Ring This Year

2017 has been an interesting year with different styles of engagement rings coming into play.

It seems every year there is a new trend of diamonds. This year, it is definitely the oval diamond engagement ring.

Master Sydney jeweller, Arman Arzumanian explains why this is the case. He explained that with great surprise, the trend setter tends to be the celebrities. Ryan Reynolds proposed to Blake Lively with a beautiful oval diamond engagement ring worth over two million dollars. This definitely caught the attention of a lot of ladies! You see, before this, there was not many questions around the oval diamond engagement settings, but now it has exploded!

Also, the oval diamond compliments a lot of people’s hands. You see because of the oval’s character being wider and longer, it complements hands with a bit of length to them—giving the stone extra shape. It is also a very classy and elegant diamond ring to show off that will remain timeless. But you must be very careful when looking for the right oval diamond. I will share you a story that nearly shattered a girl’s dreams.

A close client of mine was out shopping for an oval diamond ring. He went into the jeweller, and they had offered him an oval diamond. Because he trusted me he gave me a call and asked me if it was a good buy, he then showed me a photo of the stone where the oval appeared to be very wide without much length to it at all! More so, it looked like a round diamond more than anything. I explained to him, an oval diamond must look like a shape of an oval—not a rugby ball! I showed him my oval diamond, and he saw a huge difference. In the end, she had the biggest smile I had ever seen. It takes great pride in being able to educate clients, as a lot of people spend a lot of money without a clue. That is why it makes sense to go to a reputable Sydney jeweller who knows exactly what they are talking about.

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