Shopping for diamonds—is bigger always better?

Shopping for diamonds—is bigger always better?

When you first see an engagement ring, the first thing you look at from a distance is the size and sparkle of the diamond. But closer inspection could reveal otherwise!

Carat weight or the measurement of how much diamonds weigh is what we normally consider when choosing a diamond. But is a bigger diamond always better?

Sydney’s finest jewellers  discusses why a bigger diamond is not always better in some cases.


The first thing we look at in a diamond is the cut grade. This is incredibly important as people do not realise that the cut grade is related to the carat weight of the diamond. The cut grade not only determines the brilliance and lustre of the diamond but how the weight is distributed in the diamond.

Take for example, if you have two one carat diamond side by side— one being poorly cut while the other being a perfect cut diamond— the first thing you will notice is that one looks a lot smaller than the other. You might ask, “Didn’t they have the same weight?” As a matter of fact, they do. However, the weight is distributed differently between the two; the perfectly cut being the one with weight distributed evenly. What that means is, if your diamond is perfectly cut, not only does the diamond look bigger on the engagement ring but it sparkles more! Definitely a win-win situation.


The other reason has to do with the clarity or inclusions as it is commonly known in the jewellery industry. Clarity has something to do with the blemishes in the diamond. If you cannot visibly see the inclusions to the naked eye, that is all that matters. If you are willing to go down in clarity, where the inclusions will become more apparent and obvious for a bigger stone, this is something that can really annoy you! Seeing as you are wearing it on your finger forever, you do not want little ants or imperfections that look like they are physically trapped in your diamond.


The last reason has to do with the diamond’s colour. As previously stated, the bigger you go with diamonds, chances are there’s something that will always be compromised. Some people look at pushing down the colour of their diamond. If your cushion cut diamond engagement ring is flawless in clarity and has a perfect cut but has a yellow tinge to it, it will shine yellow- not clear!

To know the right balance between finding the right diamond that works for you and your budget, make a consultation with one of Sydney’s finest diamond ring stores. The Armans Fine Jewellery team will happily teach you everything you need to know.