Birthstone showcase – Tanzanite

Tanzanite is actually a ‘blue zoisite’ gemstone and it is found in only one place on Earth – Tanzania. Because of this, it has been named tanzanite. This stone is often associated with spirituality and new life. Traditionally, Maasai (Northern Tanzania location) women are given this stone after they give birth as an offering of […]
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Birthstone showcase – Topaz

Topaz gems can come in many different colours. They range from colourless, blue, yellow, orange, violet and brown, with red being the rarest colour. Like many stones, ancient cultures would prescribe mystical powers to the topaz. Ancient Greeks believed they received strength from the topaz, while Europeans thought they could counter magical spells and anger […]
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Get the Kardashian / Jenner look

The Kardashian family is known for their extravagant style. They have become modern icons for clothing, make up and, our personal favourite, jewellery. Many people desire the Kardashian look, but they are not sure how to achieve it. Here are some key tips on imitating their luxurious appeal. Earrings Gold hoops have been a staple […]
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Birthstone showcase – Opal

Opals are the national gem of Australia. Unlike diamonds, these gems are not made of one pure substance. The variety of elements present in opals often creates unique colours and characteristics. Let’s discuss this amazing stone and some of the unique history surrounding it. History Opals, for a long time in Europe, were considered bad […]
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Justin and Hailey Bieber – married again!

Justin and Hailey Bieber had tied the knot on September 13th 2018 in a secret and private Manhattan courthouse. Since then, the couple have been prepping for their spotlight wedding that would feature friends, family and luxurious diamond rings! Why not get married again, right? The Christian wedding featured prayers and partying and the couple […]
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