Classic diamond pieces every woman should own

Just like how every professional has their fundamental tools, every woman should be equipped with these five classic diamond pieces. This will allow you to glam up for any function, meeting, party or formal event. We have compiled a list of essential diamond jewellery items as well as where you can acquire them! 1) Diamond […]
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Birthstone showcase – Garnet

January is the first month of the year. And with this as your birth month, comes the honour of having garnet as your birthstone. This deep red gemstone does not only have lots of mysticism behind it, but it also has an affordable price tag. Continue reading to find out more about this alluring gem! […]
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2020 diamond engagement ring trends

Buying something amazing, like a diamond engagement ring, only to find out that it is out of style, can be painful. It may look beautiful initially, but then you realise that it doesn’t go well with your style, the changing trends or modern standards. This is where Armans Fine Jewellery comes in! We know that […]
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Birthstone showcase – Tanzanite

Tanzanite is actually a ‘blue zoisite’ gemstone and it is found in only one place on Earth – Tanzania. Because of this, it has been named tanzanite. This stone is often associated with spirituality and new life. Traditionally, Maasai (Northern Tanzania location) women are given this stone after they give birth as an offering of […]
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Birthstone showcase – Topaz

Topaz gems can come in many different colours. They range from colourless, blue, yellow, orange, violet and brown, with red being the rarest colour. Like many stones, ancient cultures would prescribe mystical powers to the topaz. Ancient Greeks believed they received strength from the topaz, while Europeans thought they could counter magical spells and anger […]
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