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Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring – What’s all the Buzz?

Do you love yellow diamonds as much as we do? Imagine the reaction of her friends when you propose with a yellow diamond engagement ring. These gorgeous gems have been rising in popularity again, and…

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12 Diamond Engagement Rings for the Perfect Proposal

Life just wouldn’t be complete without one of these stunning pieces! Here are 12 of our favourite diamond engagement rings. Let us know if we've forgotten your favourite. 1. Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring Add some yellow…

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What to Consider When Buying an Engagement Ring

So you’ve done the hard work - you’ve found the one, and you’re ready to ask the big question. Now all that’s left is finding the perfect engagement ring. Easy, right? Follow our advice and…

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Buying Diamond Rings – Does size really matter?

How much does size matter when buying an engagement or diamond ring. Sydney Jewellers Armans are here with some simple advice on how to impress on your budget! Bigger Isn’t Always Better It’s easy to…

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Know Your Carats: An Explanation on How Your Diamonds Are Weighed

In 2013, a 118-carat white diamond the size of a small egg sold for $30.6 million at an auction in Hong Kong. The stone, which broke world auction record, is by far the largest and…

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