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Top 10 Most Extraordinary Diamonds

It is not just about how big, how expensive, or how flawless. The truly extraordinary diamonds, such as those below, possess something more: history, mythology and character. A real diamond is a story unto itself.…

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The Pink Argyle Diamond: A natural beauty of Australia

From the harsh Australian terrain emerged a rare delight. Unearthed in 1979 by a group of geologists, the argyle diamond was rumoured to be first spotted as a speck of light hidden in an anthill.…

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A Guide to Fine jewellery details by Arman’s Fine Jewellery

The difference between an average engagement ring and a stunning engagement ring is the finer details… which we are experts in Any bride-to-be will know that it’s the small details that count. This includes the…

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Matching the gift with Mum This Mother’s Day

Every year we find ourselves scrambling for the perfect Mothers Day gift, often suffering with pricey last minute leftovers. Don’t get caught out on the 4th of May this year - beat the rush with…

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Celebrity engagement rings

At Arman’s Fine Jewellery in Sydney we like to stay up to date with the latest news and information related to our industry, even if that means getting a dose of Hollywood gossip on the…

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