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Quality vs Quantity on Your Diamond Engagement Ring

When it comes to any shape of a diamond—whether it be round, cushion, emerald pear or oval—there are always certain characteristics to take note of when looking for that perfect diamond for your engagement ring.…

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Questions to ask your jeweller when buying a fancy colour diamond

Buying a fancy coloured diamond isn’t like buying fashion jewellery. It’s understandable that the bulk of fancy diamond buyers will feel as though they’re in over their head when it comes to making their big…

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The perfect jewellery store in Sydney

Looking for that perfect jewellery store in Sydney for every occasion? Look no further than Armans Fine Jewellery! There are many jewellery shops Sydney has to offer and you may be confused with the amount…

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The beauty of custom engagement rings

When we talk about engagement rings, there are so many options to choose from. When you are looking for that perfect engagement ring for your partner you want to make sure it is perfect! And…

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Does colour matter? The growing trend of coloured engagement rings

As the saying goes, diamonds are forever, but they only come in a few of colours, so let's look at some beautiful coloured engagement rings that can capture the true spirit of your love. Coloured…

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