From Melbourne to Sydney—flying for a masterpiece

From Melbourne to Sydney: Flying for a Masterpiece

There are so many jewellers to choose from when shopping for engagement rings in Australia!

We see time and time again couples flying and making their way with the first stop being our shop! We have clients coming from interstate mostly from Melbourne to look for their engagement ring.

You might feel compelled to know why is that exactly? It’s because we are a hidden gem among the others.

The general feedback is that clients who shop around in Melbourne have visited jewellers that have neither the diamond they are after nor the exact design to show them. Purchasing something like your engagement ring is very very special and you can not get it wrong as you will be wearing it for the rest of your life!

We have a collection of diamonds and engagement rings of all shapes and sizes so you are really getting the best selection to know exactly what you love! Not to mention our signature designs that really have people in absolute awe.

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