Our Jewellers

At Arman’s Fine Jewellery our Master Jewellers are guided under the watchful eye of the highly revered Arman Arzumanian and his son Levon…

As second and third generation jewellers respectively, Arman and Levon Arzumanian are the foundation and future of our Sydney designer jewellery boutique.


“Love what you do, produce the best and have honesty and integrity in all of your dealings.”

From the tender age of 12, Arman Arzumanian’s future was set in stone. Or rather, setting stones was to be his future as this was the age that he took up the trade. Throughout Europe Arman’s entire family was involved in the jewellery business, so his passion is a result of both nature and nurture. With such a start to the profession it is little wonder he became the name he is today, with a universal reputation as a highly skilled setter.

Arman was able to establish his own business in 1987 and is highly regarded by his peers within the industry. It naturally progressed that Arman should open his own jewellery studio so that he could deal directly with clients.


“When a client asks me for something different it fuels my passion for my job- I love to push the boundaries in design!”

Levon Arzumanian’s childhood was spent watching his Father create beautiful jewellery. Unsurprisingly he is always inspired by his Father’s creations. In 2011 Levon won the Diamond Guild Award and in 2012 was selected as finalist in the Jewellery Association of Australia Design awards. Levon continues to produce innovative and distinctively beautiful designs inspired by art, history and the natural world.

With an instinctive eye for design and a sterling reputation, this father and son duo is the ideal choice if you are seeking to create a diamond engagement ring or jewellery piece that can be cherished for generations.