Matching the gift with Mum This Mother’s Day

diamond jewellery for Mum

Every year we find ourselves scrambling for the perfect Mothers Day gift, often suffering with pricey last minute leftovers.

Don’t get caught out on the 4th of May this year – beat the rush with Arman’s Fine Jewellery in Sydney. With the perfect selection of beautifully made ageless diamonds and gems, you can be just about certain that mum will be beaming when she opens that elegant little box. If you’re unsure about her style or favourite colour gems, our professionals have developed a few tips to help guide you through your purchase decisions and tailor the perfect gift to suit your family.

Be mindful of her personality – what colour and style clothes and accessories does she favour?

Whoever originally said “it’s the thought that counts” was absolutely right. Make sure this year when you’re making your decision, you really take some time and put some thought into what you think mum would like. The gift of jewellery is a delicate thing and you want to make sure that when she opens that present, she is amazed by how perfectly fitting to her style the gift really is.

The Autumn Mum

All year round, mum has been showcasing those trendy purples, deep greens, maroons, blacks and navy blues. Typically dark colours are designed for the colder months, but with some dark lippy and accessorised right – these deeper loves can often be perfect for all occasions.

We suggest steering away from chains and focusing more on effortlessness but stated colour matched gemmed earrings. This particular pair are centred with 1.40ct bumese rubies, haloed with a cluster of 1.28ct diamonds and set in white-gold.

diamond jewellery for Mum

The Beach-Bum Mum

You may have noticed in the recent months that mum has been favouring her white loose-fitting clothes and those timeless beach sarongs. Sporting a pair of havaianas or maybe even just going bear foot – your mum is easily charmed by the simple things in life.

Bearing in mind that summer is coming to a close, you may still find that pair of gentle 12-12.5mm South Sea Pearl, white-gold and diamond drop earrings are perfect to for her to hold onto that warm, sun-kissed vibe.

diamond jewellery for Mum

The Free-Range Organic Mum

Often dazed and lost for hours, this type of mum has a bit of a care free vibe. Her favourite clothes were likely locally sourced and handmade, but that doesn’t make them cheap. She probably has a bit of a sassy attitude – she’s firm in her beliefs (which are often ever changing) and probably has a few health food goodies in her handbag for emergency sake.

This piece below named ‘Ribbons of Love’ is handcrafted in white and rose gold and features a 0.80ct round brilliant cut diamond. As the piece is two-toned, it easily compliments any other accessory no matter the colour with simplicity and grace.

diamond jewellery for Mum

The Tenderly Heart-Felt Mum

This is for the sentimental mum, trapped in the past of pinching cheeks and embarrassing mum sayings. She loves to decorate and probably has a collection of stuffed toys or pink things hidden somewhere in the house – most likely your old room. Like most mums, she always has the right thing to say and happens to call at the exact right moment, every time.

We would recommend a soft purple pair of Amethyst halo Diamond drop white-gold earrings. Definitely not lacking detail, these elegant must-haves would easily bring that glint of sparkle to your mother’s eyes.

diamond jewellery for Mum

Your mum may be all these things! We understand here at Arman’s Fine Jewellery in Sydney that no mum can truly be pinned down by only a few characteristics about her. So give us a call or pop into our store in Castlereagh Street, Sydney today and get your mum the gift she deserves this Mother’s Day.