The Pink Argyle Diamond: A natural beauty of Australia

pink coloured diamond ring

From the harsh Australian terrain emerged a rare delight.

Unearthed in 1979 by a group of geologists, the argyle diamond was rumoured to be first spotted as a speck of light hidden in an anthill. Since the find, the Argyle Diamond Mine has become the world’s largest diamond mine with its unique location in the red desert terrain of the far north west of Australia.

With the Argyle Diamond Mine grasping its last years of production, argyle pink diamonds are becoming rarer and rarer. An argyle diamond engagement ring is truly a rare opportunity to present your loved one with.

An exquisite find

Certainly a beauty to behold, the pink argyle diamond has become one of the most desired diamonds. Over 750 Argyle Diamonds have been offered for sale in the past 27 years at the prestigious yearly ‘tender’ auction, attracting on average 20 times the selling price of the equivalent white diamond. The Argyle Diamonds are certainly a rare find and with the mine expecting closure within the decade, the value of the stones is only set to rise with the continued scarcity.

Argyle diamonds, like most diamonds, have a colour grading scale

Diamonds are composed of only a single element which is pure carbon and of these, pink is amongst the rarest. The three attributes used to determine the colour grading of a diamond are:

  • Hue

There can still be other modifying tints and colours that affect the stone, but the hue is the most dominant colour of the diamond.

  • Saturation

This is the strength or purity of the hue. Hue saturation in pink diamonds can range from light pink to intense, and at the strongest saturation, vivid.

  • Tone

This is the amount of lightness or darkness in the diamond. The range of tone extends from light to dark.

Grading your diamond

pink coloured diamond ring

It starts with intensity…

When grading Argyle Diamonds, it begins with an intensity scale from 1 to 9. As Pink Argyle Diamonds are also influenced by other tones, the scale purely refers to the intensity of pink in the diamond. When regarding intensity, the more intense colour diamond, the more rare and desirable it is.

Intensity of a Pink Diamond

  1. Very intense pink
  2. Intense pink
  3. Strong pink
  4. Medium pink
  5. Medium light pink
  6. Light pink
  7. Very light pink
  8. Blush of pink
  9. Light blush of pink

Discerning the hue…

What is the actual colour of the diamond? Of course being called a pink diamond generally means the diamond is in fact pink, but often times the colour can be influenced by other tints. The diamond you prefer may have a subtle hint of purple or champagne.

These different varieties can have a huge impact on the price and rarity of the diamond. Below we have listed them from the most rare being purplish pink to the least rare being pink champagne.

Pink Diamond Hue

  1. Purplish Pink (PP)
  2. Pink (P)
  3. Pink Rose (PR)
  4. Pink Champagne (PC)

 Grading the clarity of the diamond…

As with all diamonds, pink diamonds differ in clarity. When regarding pink diamonds, white or black inclusions in the diamond can be a little more noticeable than the same inclusions in a white diamond. Because of this, the clarity display is generally graded a little differently.

Uniting cultures with splendour and elegance

Our land abounds in nature’s gifts of beauty rich and rare – and when it comes to the Argyle Pink Diamond, there is hardly a natural Australian gift more beautiful or rare. Since early discovery of the Argyle Pink Diamond, the Argyle Diamond Mine has endeavoured to work hand-in-hand with the local indigenous people of the East Kimberly region.

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