Pink Diamonds for Your Custom Engagement Rings

The fabled pink diamond. It is as lucrative and precious as it is stunningly beautiful. If you know anything about women, you know that two things commonly come with the territory of being a lady; that is, they love diamonds and the colour pink. So it seems only natural to give them the best of both worlds with a stunning pink diamond from Armans Fine Jewellery.

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Pink Diamonds are far rarer than their clear counterparts, which makes them extra special.  They are most commonly found in the Argyle Diamond Mine, in Western Australia, and only 1% of all natural diamonds discovered each year, are pink diamonds. In 12 months, the Argyle Mine will collect millions of stones, and out of those only 50 or 60 will be the rare pink diamond variety.

Pink Diamonds have their own colour scale, which is also worth noting. Pink diamonds can be graded faint, very light, light, fancy light, fancy intense, fancy deep and fancy vivid. As with other colours, the stronger and more present the colour tone, the higher the market value will be.
Now, if there was ever a time to purchase a pink diamond for yourself or a loved one, now is that time, with the Argyle Mine expected to deplete its diamond stores within the next 24 months. This will make them even more exceedingly rare and valuable, driving their price through the roof. This would possibly make a current purchase in a pink diamond an investment, as its rarity increases.

Pink Diamonds - Armans custom engagement ringsFor us and our clients, we find that the ultimate engagement ring in terms of uniqueness and specialness, are those crafted from alternately coloured diamonds. Whist clear is classic, more and more people are opting for beautiful and rare coloured stones to compliment their engagement rings, such as yellow diamond engagement rings or pink diamond engagement rings for the very select few. Armans Fine Jewellery have the finest custom engagement rings and facilities in Sydney, so be sure to check out our Sydney CBD boutique for ideas and inspiration when looking for a custom made engagement ring that will truly be something special.

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