Pink Diamonds

The pink diamond is one of nature’s rarest diamonds, making it a much sought after centrepiece for any engagement ring, wedding ring or jewellery set.

  • What are pink diamonds?
    All diamonds are formed from compressed carbon. But while ‘regular’ diamonds are generally colourless, pink diamonds – while still transparent – have a pinkish tint to them. This tint can be of varying intensity.
  • How are pink diamonds graded for colour?
    The colour of a pink diamond – and indeed all coloured diamonds – will be graded by the following scale:
    • Faint
    • Very light
    • Light
    • Fancy light
    • Fancy
    • Fancy intense
    • Fancy deep
    • Fancy vivid
    While pure pink diamonds certainly exist, more often the colour of a diamond will be described by the use of multiple hues. Brown pink, orange pink and purple pink are common combinations. If the influence of the secondary colour is minimal – say 10% brown and 90% pink – the suffix ‘-ish’ is used for the secondary colour, e.g. brownish pink.
  • Are pink diamonds rare?
    Indeed, they are. Almost all pink diamonds in the world come from one place – the Argyle mine in Western Australia. While not the rarest coloured diamond (that honour belongs to red), pink diamonds are one of the rarest colours available, and make up just a fraction of a percentage of all diamonds mined.
  • How are pink diamonds formed?
    While there is still a bit of mystery surrounding exactly how pink diamonds get their hue, the leading theory is that it comes about as a result of changes in the stone’s electron structure on its pressure-filled journey to the earth’s surface.
  • What should I check before buying a pink diamond?
    You should check the credentials of the jeweller, the source of the stone, and the four Cs – carat, colour, clarity and cut.
  • How the prices of pink diamonds are set?
    The four Cs mentioned above are the main driver of a pink diamond’s price, but if the diamond has come from a particular source or if it has a particularly storied history, these factors will also come into play.
  • Are pink diamonds a good investment?
    Western Australia’s Argyle mine – the predominant source of the world’s pink diamonds – is slowly winding down its activities. For that reason, pink diamonds make for a great investment. While the future is forever a difficult thing to predict, with supply lowering and demand increasing you can expect your diamond to gradually increase in value.
  • Are pink diamonds natural?
    Pink diamonds can occur naturally or be created by annealing and electron-bombarding a colourless diamond in a laboratory. While the resulting stones are essentially identical to each other, many buyers (quite reasonably) want a naturally formed stone. Ask your jeweller if you have any concerns about whether your stone is synthetic.
  • How do synthetic pink diamonds differ from natural?
    Structurally they effectively don’t. The process used to colour a diamond pink in a laboratory results in the exact same stone being produced as is made naturally by the earth. In fact, laboratory stones are often of higher quality than natural pinks, as the lab conditions offer the sort of control and precision that simply doesn’t occur within the earth’s crust.
  • How long will a synthetic pink diamond’s colour last?
    Because a synthetic pink diamond is structurally identical to a natural pink diamond, you can expect the colour to last just as long, which means it’ll last forever!
  • Looking for a pink diamond engagement or wedding ring?
    Are you interested in procuring a pink diamond engagement ring or wedding ring? At Arman’s, we have the knowledge and expertise to walk you through such a significant purchase, and will ensure that you get the exact stone that you want, with a guarantee of quality and at a terrific price.

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