Quality vs Quantity on Your Diamond Engagement Ring

When it comes to any shape of a diamond—whether it be round, cushion halo, emerald pear or oval—there are always certain characteristics to take note of when looking for that perfect diamond for your engagement ring.

Quality vs Quantity on your Diamond Engagement Ring

As the saying goes: the bigger the better. But this is not completely true when it comes to diamonds. The reason behind this is because of the 4C’s.

First and foremost, depending on which shape of diamond you like, you first need to physically see the diamond, and no diamond is exactly the same. Some people look at certificates and make judgements based on a piece of paper which is a very big mistake. Some diamonds that look clean on paper can appear milky so it takes a reputable jeweller to make sure you are buying quality.
When you are looking at a diamond, it’s about the first impression you get when you see a diamond.

The first thing that draws people to a diamond is its size, how big it is.

The second is the colour how white or how yellow the diamond is. People sometimes compromise on size for colour; however, no matter how big or flawless your diamond is, if it’s yellow in colour, it will shine yellow which is not very desired. The norm is to go for a better colour rather than size as the diamond shines whiter.

The third thing people look for in a diamond is the blemishes. We always recommend as long as you cannot visibly see the blemishes in the diamond then go for it! It makes little sense to pay a lot more money for something that you can only see with a microscope!

Now after you have chosen your precious diamond, it’s time to choose the perfect engagement ring. We here at Armans Fine Jewellery want to make this the most fun part! After all, you can have the best diamonds, but if your jeweller is mediocre then the diamonds will look mediocre once set inside the engagement ring. This is where we are pure experts when it comes to showing off your beautiful diamonds the best they can. From our style of signature settings for your engagement ring to really compliment your beautiful range of diamonds.

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