Remodelling Your Engagement or Wedding Ring at Arman’s Fine Jewellery

december remodelling wedding ring

Have you secretly been thinking about changing or upgrading your engagement ring? Don’t feel bad, you’re not alone…

Your engagement ring or wedding ring is something you will carry on your body every day for the rest of your life, if the design isn’t exactly what you hoped it would be, why not change it. Here at Arman’s Fine Jewellery in Sydney we can help create the perfect ring for you!

You’re wearing it so get the design you want!

Engagements rings are a symbol of the special relationship you hold with your partner and even if your other half loves and knows you best, sometimes they have different taste. And even after hinting which design you may want they still get it wrong! Don’t feel bad, we have many customers that come in wanting to change the design of their ring. And for those couples who have been married for years and want to keep up with the change in style, you may wish to remodel your wedding band designs. Engagement rings and wedding rings should fit your personality so if you’re not happy with the design get it changed at Arman’s Fine Jewellery.

The history of the engagement ring…

The idea of the engagement ring dates back to ancient Egypt wherein evidence shows them using rings as a symbol of eternal love, often known as the ‘eternity’ ring, and evidence of the eternity ring can be traced throughout history, as far back as 2000 BC! Now the story of the diamond engagement ring reaches back to the Middle Ages, when the diamond was used to symbolise love with the sparkly seal for a betrothal or marriage pledge. By the fifteenth century, the diamond ring was a common feature of royal and noble weddings.

Remodelling your ring…

When it comes to the actual remodelling of your ring it’s always good to know a little bit about the key characteristics that are used to class diamonds. These are often referred to as the ‘4Cs’ and should be considered when remodelling your ring.

  • Carat- this is the way in which jewellers weigh diamonds, it’s based on a point system which helps determine the ‘carat’
  • Colour- this refers to how clear the diamond is, the higher quality the less colour
  • Cut- the cut varies depending on the jewellery maker, however there is a ‘perfect cut’ determined by the depth.
  • Clarity- this refers to the imperfections within the diamond, any scratch or uneven mineral caught within it can determine the clarity.

Who is remodelling my ring?

At Arman’s Fine Jewellery we have skilled and experienced jewellers that will help you come up with the ring of your dreams. As second and third generation jewellers respectively, Arman and Levon Arzumanian are the foundation and future of our Sydney designer jewellery boutique. When you bring your ring in to be remodelled we understand the difficulty of trying to explain exactly what it is you want. Arman and Levon will spend the time working with you to ensure that the remodel is achievable and in the design that you want.

Here at Arman’s Fine Jewellery in Sydney we will help redesign and remodel your engagement ring to create your dream ring. If your engagement ring isn’t exactly the design you had hoped it would be then get it changed to ensure you’re happy with the design. Remodelling can also be a great way to spice up an old family heirloom or jewellery that has come out of fashion. By keeping the same ring, pendent or necklace, but altering it into something more fashionable you can get more use out of it then letting it collect dust at home. With our accomplished jewellers they can help you make your jeweller into something you love!

For more information on jewellery remodelling visit our Sydney shop or book a consolation to revitalise your engagement or wedding ring online, or call 612 9233 8633.