Rose Gold Rings

Rose gold rings are a celebration of romance and timeless sophistication. In recent years, our expert jewellers have seen an increase in demand for a splash of rose gold in ring designs. Exuding luxury and beauty, rose gold is the perfect way to celebrate your engagement.

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Why Rose Gold Rings?

Gone are the days of the classic white and yellow gold engagement ring. As fashion progresses, so does the demand for uniqueness to ring designs. Adding a touch of rose gold to your special piece can be a great way to compliment your partner’s personality.

Also known as “pink gold” or “red gold,” rose gold is created by the combination of gold and copper, giving it the pinkish colour. The carat of the rose gold is dependent on the level of original gold in the metal. Combinations of rose gold may include an inclusion of silver to allow for a range of colours and styles. The choices are endless when selecting how to add the beauty of rose gold to your engagement ring from a full band to a subtle twist throughout the band.

Custom-Made Rose Gold Rings

Rose gold is a truly precious and versatile metal, providing beauty and lustre to any jewellery piece. At Armans Fine Jewellery, we believe that everyone should be able to experience the magic of rose gold in their own special way. That’s why we’ll incorporate high-quality rose gold into any bespoke jewellery design, from engagement rings to wedding bands. If you’d like to learn more about our custom-made jewellery, book an appointment at our Sydney CBD boutique today.

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