The Armans Difference

“From our hands to yours”

Every diamond engagement ring relies upon impeccable craftsmanship, sought to create by hand to uplift a diamond’s magnificence. Each Diamond is a precious gift from Mother Nature and it is here at Armans where we respect and honour the subtle delicacy that makes a diamond unique – This is the Armans Difference.

Our team of award-winning designer jewellers ensure a diamond is perfectly positioned in its bespoke ring so that the light can reflect through every facet to amplify its natural radiance. It takes many years of diligence and dedication for a jeweller to accomplish the ability to enhance and celebrate the true beauty of a diamond the Armans way.

When looking for that perfect diamond, you will hear mentions of the Four C’s. These are used in evaluating the overall quality of the diamond. However, each diamond has a different nature. Diamonds that are similar when judged by these four C’s may differ greatly in beauty. Armans Fine Jewellery selects the finest diamonds for your engagement ring, applying a wealth of diamond expertise.