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The best jewellers in sydney

sydney jewellersLooking for the Best Jewellers in Sydney look no further then Armans Fine Jewellery.

But why do we claim we are the Best Jewellers Sydney has to offer? There is a vast array.

If you have been shopping around for an engagement ring and haven’t found what you are looking for there is probably a reason why.

Firstly, the quality of the rings may not appear to be of top quality or the setting of the diamonds may be crooked. It pays to take attention to such fine detail especially when you are purchasing an engagement ring you will be wearing your whole life. The reason behind this is because some engagement rings are in fact mass produced or machine made and may feel soft and light. The reason behind this is because a white gold ring is mixed with cheaper alloys. We here at Armans Fine Jewellery use the highest quality metals in all our white gold and platinum engagement rings. See it all starts with the foundations of how the engagement ring is made. Some engagement rings may even be hollow and not solid again more evidence pointing to a machine made ring. Not to mention the structural integrity of the ring is compromised. You want something solid and sturdy especially when you are paying quite a considerable amount of money. All of Armans Engagement Rings are handmade so you can have peace of mind that you are getting only the highest quality of jewellery.

You may also be thinking, how safe is a diamond setting in the engagement ring. This is incredibly important. The proud owner of Armans Fine Jewellery has been diamond setting since the age of 12 years with over 40 years of experience. He has mastered different styles of settings and has even created setting that can only be done by him alone. It takes years of experience to ensure each setting is placed symmetrical and that each diamond is set with passion and experience.

It is not just always about the engagement ring but the diamond as well. We here at Armans Fine Jewellery have vast array of loose diamonds from different sizes to different shapes to show you in house with the highest quality of handmade diamond engagement rings. It takes little thought to know you are in the hands of the best jewellers Sydney has to offer!