The Four C’s

Four key characteristics are used to class and select the ideal diamond for your particular piece. Every diamondpossesses a unique combination of factors that influence the value and rarity of the gemstone.

Diamond Characteristics Diagram


The most exceptional white diamonds are colourless or close to completely colourless. Diamonds are graded from the top of the scale being D all the way through to Z. To achieve the most colourless look the majority of Arman’s Diamonds range from D to H for the most flawless look for your diamond engagement ring.


The weight or size of a diamond is measured in carats and divided into points. Take for example a carat equals 100 points. Diamonds that are larger in carat weight tend to be more valuable as they are found less frequently. However diamonds that are of equal carat weight may differ in value as cut, clarity and colour also play a role. The size or carat weight of a diamond is not deemed a useful tool in evaluating a diamond as there are multiple factors that determine a diamonds quality and beauty.


The Cut of a diamond is essential to how it reflects light. The cut attributes that add to a diamonds beauty are proportion, symmetry and polish. Although mother-nature determines the blueprint of rough diamond, the hands of an expert master cutter release its fire and radiance. Armans Diamonds are cut to exact proportions neither to shallow or to deep light will reflect from each facet to another and will reappear to the eyes as a flash of spectral brilliant colour. Armans Diamonds are cut and polished to enhance their beauty.


Literally almost every diamond has imperfections. Clarity determines the number, size, position and colour of nature’s inclusions that ranges from flawless to imperfect.
Many Armans Diamonds are eye clean meaning you can be rest assured that any imperfections are invisible to the naked eye.

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