Three easy steps to shaping your engagement ring

The sensation you feel pulsing through your veins is one of joy, mixed with nervousness. You have the found the one you want to share your life with and your perfect soulmate deserves the perfect engagement ring.

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However, you may be completely new to the world of gemstones, metals and jewellery. Before deciding on the perfect engagement for your loved one, let us guide you through three easy tips to shaping your ideal engagement ring.

1. A Cut Above

A gemstone’s appearance is largely influenced by its contours and outlines. Some cuts appeal due to their vintage or traditional style, whilst others are considered contemporary, with modern flair.

The round brilliant cut is one of the most highly sought after. Its desirability stems from the way light is reflected within its geometric shape. Cut from a larger stone, these cuts naturally attract a higher value.

The princess cut is square shaped stone, that all radiates light brilliantly and deftly hides most inclusions due to the unique cutting process. The efficient way in which it is cut from the original stone, gives it the additional advantage of being less expensive than its Round Cut cousin. The cushion cut engagement ring dates back to the 1880’s and exhibits a classic, vintage style, whilst the oval cut elongates the wearer’s finger and symbolises trust and stability.

2. Testing Your Metal

Beyond the classic gold ring, is now a range of metal possibilities that you can explore to suit the gemstone that you’ve chosen for your engagement ring.
A good way to start, is to consider the colours and dress style that are prevalent in your partner’s wardrobe.

Platinum is a naturally white metal that is rarer than all the other jewellery metals. This naturally hypoallergenic complements blue and cool coloured clothing.
Gold is a classic choice, that complements warm colours and hues. Gold rings typically contain alloys, which increase its strength and durability. These alloys have the benefit of changing the hue of the gold itself, thus allowing for the yellow, rose and white tones. It is said that white gold represents friendship, yellow gold symbolises fidelity, whilst rose gold engagement rings express love.

Alternatively, palladium, titanium and other recycled metals have burst onto the scene to grace the hands of wearers who embrace the flair and modern twist that these elements represent.

3. A Stone by Any Name

The diamond engagement ring dominates tradition, but the symbolism and beauty of other gemstones can equally show your partner your devotion. The blue topaz denotes courage, fidelity, gentleness, and integrity. Ruby stones breathe fire, love and happiness. Pearls are synonymous with harmony, humility and purity.

Princesses and celebrities have proven that emeralds and sapphires are equally beloved, as gemstone choices for their engagement rings.

Take some time to consider the aspects your relationship that you value strongly. Perhaps you might find that this drives your selection of the perfect gemstone that reflects how you feel about your soulmate.

Embrace the opportunity to put your feelings into a wondrous and brilliant token.
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