What is the Best Style of Engagement Rings?

When it comes to Engagement Rings there are so many different styles to chose from.

So when it comes to choosing your engagement ring, how do you know which one best suits you?

There are a lot of women out there that give hints to their partners about which style of engagement rings to choose from.

This helps out the the groom a lot especially! However at Armans Fine Jewellery we believe the best approach is that you try on the actual engagement ring to see which style best compliments your hand. This not only comes to the style of the engagement ring but also the diamond that will be securley set inside the engagement ring. After all, you will be wearing it on for the rest of your life! So it’s best  you are always happy with it.

There a few styles of engagement rings to choose from. The list is provided below

Solitaire Engagement Rings


A solitaire Engagement ring setting features a single stone, typically a diamond with a plain band (usually set in six or four claws). Solitaire Engagement rings are one of the most popular engagement ring settings. Their timelessness & visual appeal is in their simplicity, elegance and not to mention highlights the center Diamond. Having a wide range of Solitaire engagement rings come in a range of sizes, shapes and styles in our Sydney CBD boutique. Some Engagement rings have finer bands which can taper in towards the center Diamond which has the effect of making a diamond appearing visually larger, and compliments smaller fingers. Others rings have wider bands which might suit wider fingers. At Armans our team of award winning jewellers can assist you choosing the right Diamond Engagement ring for your partner.

Pave Engagement Rings


Pave Diamond Engagement rings consist of multiple Diamonds that are set close together and set securely by small beads of prongs that have been grooved/cut out from the precious metal. This technique gives more of a solid feature to your Engagement Ring or Diamond Wedding Ring. This technique is one of the oldest methods as setting diamonds through the band and was introduced in the early 20th century.Channel set engagement rings feature side diamonds that are set girdle to girdle and that are embedded into a thin channel groove of the Engagement Ring. This groove is made of precious metal (gold or platinum) and is secured by hammering or folding down its walls (no claws or prongs are used in the case). Overall it visually give more of a clearer line as separates each side diamond and is less likely to catch on clothing or other objects. When it comes to choosing this setting technique in an Engagement ring Princess Cut and Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds are the most popular taste.

Claw Set Engagement Rings


Claw set Engagement rings have four or shared claws holding each Diamonds securely place. This feature allows you see more of the Diamonds that are set though the band and allows more light the enter the diamonds. Generally the claws are set with a rounded or smooth profile as it prevent it from getting caught on objects.

Bezel Settings


Bezel set Diamond Engagement rings are set to hold the diamond in place by having a continual & even groove cut out where the diamond girdle is to be placed. The edges of the bezel or channel are then hammered down to secure the diamond in place. Depending on preferences you can have the bezel set fine so it adds focus on the centre stone or more wider to make the centre Diamond visually appear larger.

Three-Stone Engagement Rings


Three Stone Diamond Engagement rings has one centre diamond or gemstone with two Diamonds or gemstones set beside the centre stone. The centre Diamond is generally raised slightly higher to give the main focus still on the centre piece. The most common shapes for this style of Engagement ring are Round, Princess & Emerald Cut Diamonds with either a claw or bezel setting placed.

Halo Engagement Rings


The modern Diamond Halo Engagement ring features a centre Diamond or gemstone surrounded by a melee of Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds. The finer diamonds around the halo are to visually make the centre Diamond or gemstone look larger than its actual size and for gemstones can intensify its colour adding more brilliance. It is said that the halo is now the most modern Engagement ring worldwide. This style of Engagement Ring can be achieved with any diamond shape, usually the most common are Round, Cushion and Oval Brilliant Cut Diamonds.

Vintage Engagement Rings

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Vintage Engagement rings or Art-Deco Engagement rings are a true treasure to be cherished for generations to come as it is a piece of jewellery which you know will be unique to its wearer. Usually the vintage look has more of an antique style which is achieved by using fill-gree or engraving pattern which at Armans Jewellery our head designer Levon Arzumanian has a talented experience in. This style of taste can be mixed with modern and Old (rose) cut diamonds and usually an Emerald or asscher cut diamond is best used for the center stone to add to its theme and beauty.So whichever style of Engagement Rings you are after make sure to visit Armans Fine Jewellery where we will find you the perfect engagement ring !