Why I developed the hashtag ‘#whatsyourarmanstyle’

Being in the engagement ring industry and not having a partner myself made me realise, ‘Wait, one day I will be engaged but how on earth will I know which is the best engagement ring to give to her?!’.

This prompted me to channel into every couple’s thoughts about what type of engagement ring their partner will like, because the worst thing is presenting the love of your life with an engagement ring she won’t love and adore. So how could one overcome this issue? Simple, get tagging their partner on Instagram. This is why the hashtag was developed, and boy can I tell it has worked wonders! There are more than 10 different diamond shapes let alone engagement rings to choose from so it makes the situation even more daunting.

So with the help of #whatsyourarmanstyle you can be rest assured you will have a lot of an easier experience when your time comes to proposing.

I have had numerous encounters whereby people coming in and having no idea and come in with a face of panic and uncertainty so having some clue always helps especially when they have tagged or told you specifically what your partner is after.

The other reason I developed this hashtag was because I have noticed a growing trend – have you ever heard the term ‘remodelling’?

It seems to happen at the 5 year or 10 year anniversary point of marriage. See the thing is 99% of women will not tell their partners the ring they have chosen for their engagement is not the one they wanted so what tends to happen is the original diamond is set into a pendant or another jewellery addition and a brand new ring is made i.e. the engagement ring they actually wanted. This right here is the most subtle gesture. So it would really help in getting it right the first time!

Keep in mind the remodelling is done also to keep up with the trends in the engagement ring market as well. So it is not always the case. Oval and Pear diamond rings are definitely making a huge debut along with Blue Ceylon Sapphires currently.

I would say now more than 50% are now shopping for designer engagement rings in Sydney together before the big question is popped, so this also helps bring the pressure off, however for the remaining 50% this is where it gets tricky especially when they want the FULL surprise in capturing that special moment.

Along with the hashtag. we launched a very special competition giving away a free engagement ring with Australia’s top influencers valued at $10,000.00 and to really get the momentum behind it, not only once but we drew two winners! What we saw was an unprecedented number of people messaging us and tagging their partners directly so when their future partner is ready they will know which engagement ring 100% to choose from.

For all the couples in search for their perfect engagement please feel free to visit Sydney’s finest jeweller, Armans Fine Jewellery and check out our Instagram and get tagging #whatsyourarmanstyle.